Site Management

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  • Supervision of construction/erection, testing and commissioning of plant, equipment and facilities to ensure full compliance of the EPC contracts especially with regard to quality, safety and performance aspects.
  • Review of construction schedules of the EPC contractor and monitoring site activities with respect to the latest approved schedules.
  • Advising the owner regarding adequacy of special tools/equipment, manpower and resources of the EPC contractor for site works.
  • Review of EPC contractor's work plans for ensuring weekly/monthly achievement of targets.
  • Preparation of weekly/monthly site progress reports covering current  construction status, deviations from approved schedules, critical areas and proposed remedial measures.
  • Advising the owner regarding technical field problems encountered at site and propose corrective actions to be taken in case of work that is not in conformity with the approved designs/specifications.
  • Review and advise regarding site-quality assurance plans and compliance by the EPC contractor Review and advise regarding field changes desired by EPC contractor.   
  • Advise on safety aspects during construction and commissioning of the  project and monitoring the contractors safety efforts.
  • Interface & coordinate with the fuel supplier and ensure buildup of fuel stock or commissioning and performance testing and verify fuel analysis.
  • Interface & coordinate with the O&M contractor with regard to mobilisation, design review and training plans.
  • Review of documents for testing, commissioning apart from performance  testing for establishing guaranteed performance parameters. O&M and  training of personnel.
  • Review of precommissioning checklists for various equipments and systems.
  • Interface & coordinate activities to monitor plant testing as required under the Power Purchase Agreement(PPA) and ensure that the plant meets the PPA requirements in all respects.
  • Witness performance guarantee tests at site on equipment/systems; review and evaluation of test results with comments/recommendation. Conduct independent calculations to verify test results.