Solar Inverter

We offer very highly reliable Digital Power Inverters that have proven their reliability over the years. These digital electronic inverters are specially designed for Indian climatic & handling conditions. They serve dual purpose of UPS and Inverter. This eliminates the need of a UPS for domestic purposes. The UPS / Inverter mode can be selected by the user at any time.


Sterling Sine Wave Power Inverters are the ultimate power backup systems. They serve dual purpose of UPS & Inverter. The UPS / Inverter mode can be selected by the user at any time. The electronic sine wave inverters employ tested and proven Micro Controller based DSP technology for conversion and control of output voltage that is pure Sine wave and very well regulated. Precisely controlled battery charging parameters help in enhancing battery life and in reducing power consumption.


The Ingecon®Sun Smart inverter family combines a rugged stainless steel housing for use in outdoor installations (IP65 electronics block) with the versatility of an extensive range or power ratings, making it ideal for installations of all sizes.The inverter pure three phase conversion stage offers a balanced output in all three AC phases, with no additional equipment required for simultaneous disconnection. Inverter maintenance is exceedingly simple, due to the fact that the electronics block is easily replaceable from the exterior.


Designed for ease of maintenance,it used for offering high efficiency  at high temprature .It is one of the most popular inverter ,it is equipped with maximum power point tracking system to extract the maximum power from the power array ,they come with the standard guarantee of 5 yr, which can be extended up to 25 yr.


This is a modular design without a low voltage transformer to enhance the inverter efficiency through the different DC stage and the independent maximum power point tracker .This range also incorporates DC/AC protection ,this range of inverter have been designed with components which offer a useful life of more than 25 yr.