Ingecon Sun Power Max
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Salient Features
  • Protect Agaist

    • Reverse polarity.
    • Output short-circuits and overloads.
    • DC breaker with a door control optional.
    • AC thermal-magnetic breaker with door control.
    • Anti-islanding monitoring system with automatic disconnection.
    • DC fuse.
    • Lightning induced DC surge suppressor.
    • Lightning induced AC surge suppressor optional.
    • DC isolation monitor.

  • Optional Accessories

    • Inter-inverter communication via RS-485, fibre optics, wireless or Ethernet.
    • Modem for GSM/GPRS remote communication.
    • Ingecon®Sun Manager software for parameter display and data recording.
    • IngeRAS™ PV for Internet data display.
    • Analogue input card for the measurement of meteorological variables.
    • PV array string current monitoring.
            Ingecon®Sun String Control.

      100TL: 560 kg.


      125TL: 600 kg


 375TL:1,900 kg.


  250TL:1,300 kg.


 500TL:2,500 kg.