SunUrja Welcomes You.

The expectations for renewable energy often collide with reality. Our mission is to create practical, yet innovative solutions based on PV solar power, the most realistic technology for meeting energy needs at a scale and cost that can displace fossil fuels and meet the demands of a modern society.

Solar radiation is abundant, easy to assess and easy to forecast. Even though PV solar power is not affordable but easily scalable and with Battery energy storage can provide on-demand power-even when the sun does not shine. As a Technology developer , our primary metric to maximize is Energy Returned on Energy Invested (ERoEI). This means higher efficiencies, simpler and lighter structures, and more durable materials. The result is not only more energy, but also a lower cost solar plant that is more reliable and easier and cheaper to operate.

From low power consumer products to mega watt power plants, viability is built into every aspect of SunUrja products and services. We at SunUrja not just believe in delivering high reliability and higher efficiency solutions but also strive to improve economics by harvesting more energy from sun by merticulous system designs, better alogrithms and ofcourse by leveraging immence inhouse expertise in designing and marketing electronics solutions to Energy Markets.

Our commitment to high efficiency and high reliability product engineering is extended to Solar System Engineering by providing Building Integrated Solar PV solutions and turn-key Solar Power Plant solution.