About Us

The Sunurja was founded in 2007 to set a high standard for Renewable Energy and development of the best solar product world wide. SunUrja staffed by IIT Delhi Faculty-Almuni it is a company committed to developing world-class products and services at Indian prices. It synergizes its immense expertise in Energy Systems, Power Electronics, Embedded Control and Monitoring, Product Development, Marketing, Sales and Services to ensure viable solutions with high reliability and meeting customer’s performance requirement.

The SunUrja Team comprises highly motivated and experienced professionals with backgrounds in solar power, power electronics, environmental protection. We have the vision and capability to make solar energy a major source of renewable energy. We are focused on what we do best: designing, developing and operating turnkey solar plant. We are a one-stop solar company.

Senior Advisors

Prof K L Chopra has held the prestigious position of the Emeritus Fellow and IREDA Chair Professor (Renewable Energy). He has also been the Director, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and the Visiting Professor, Cornell University, USA. He acted as the Consultant to ARCO, Westinghouse and IBM Research Centers. He has been the Staff Scientist at Ledgemont Lab, Kennecott Copper Corporation, USA and concurrently Adjunct Professor, North East University, Boston, MA, USA. He has been the Research Specialist (Group Leader) at Philco-Ford Scientific Laboratory, Blue Bell, USA. and the Max-Planck Fellow-Guest Scientist, Fritz-Haber Institute, Berlin, West Germany. He also has been a Research Fellow in the Defence Research Board of Canada.

Prof K L Chopra has several awards to his credit. These include:

  • Biren Roy Memorial Lecture Award, 1997
  • P C Mahalanobis Award, 1996
  • Bhabha Award (Applied Physics) UGC/Hari Om Trust, 1989
  • S S Bhatnagar Award (Solar Energy), 1985
  • S S Bhatnagar Award (Physics), 1975
  • Four Kennecott Copper Corporation Patent Awards, 1966-70

Dr. Bhim Singh received the Ph.D. degrees from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), New Delhi, India, in 1983. In December 1990, he joined the Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT, New Delhi, India, as an Assistant Professor. He became an Associate Professor in 1994 and a Professor in 1997.
He is recipient of JC Bose Memorial Award of IETE for best engineering science oriented paper in year 2001 and 18th Bimal K Bose Award of The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) for his contribution in the field of Power Electronics in year 2001. He is recipient of Khosla Research Prize of University of Roorkee on a Research Paper in year 1991. He is recipient of Maharashtra State National Award of Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) in recognition of his outstanding research work in the area of Power Quality.

Board Of Directors

A.K. Agarwala is Chief Scientific Officer in IDDC, IIT Delhi. He did his Post graduation from Rensselaer University, Troy, NY. After a stint in Industry, he has been with the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, since 1979. His research and teaching interests include instrument technology, power electronics and embedded systems. He is also very active in working with industries in Inde import substitute item.

Ashish Pandey did his Ph.D from IIT Delhi in 2003. He is engaged in research and product development in high-availability and high-efficiency power electronics for power supplies, power quality, and non-conventional energy sources. His work, both research and product development spans entire Balance of Systems of solar PV technology, from embedded control software, control and MPPT algorithms to design of high-efficiency and reliable power conversion systems.

Mukesh Gupta has 24 years of experience in Electronics Industry. Since 1992 he has been instrumental in starting/leading product development and marketing initiative in three companies including Su-Kam and Microtek. These companies became market leaders in their areas. Over the last one and a half decade, the net sales of products designed and developed by him exceeded USD 500 million.


Vikas has over 12 yrs of extensive experience in project management covering Railway Signal Projects to Computer Software. He has experience over the entire software development life cycle – in analysis, design & architecture, development, implementation. A natural leader, motivator and team player he has been one of the pioneers for the doption of Agile Methodologies at Birlasoft over the last 4 yrs while working there as Program Manager. He was also instrumental in standardization of Agile Estimation Model with in Birlasoft (Paper presented @ QAI’s Estimation Colloquium in the year 2006) & Agile Testing (Paper presented @ QAI’s Software Testing Conference in the year 2008).
Vikas holds a masters degree in Electrical Engineering, and a certified Sun Microsystems as a Programmer, Developer, Business Component Developer and Enterprise Architect and apart from this he is a BVQI certified ISO-9001auditer.